What should the colour of the yolk be like?

What should the colour of the yolk be like?

Does the colour of the inner core depend on the shell, the colour of the plumage of the birds or the presence of a rooster in the hen house? Experts say that none of these criteria do not affect the colour in any way.

The colour should be yellow with a golden hue and can go up to orange hue. The colours of a quality country egg are influenced by carotenoids. The yellow hue comes from lutein, and the orange comes from zeaxanthin.

In order for the internal part of a bird's egg to be the right hue, domestic chick must be fed appropriately. Also, the poultrymen should provide the chicks with better conditions to produce a high grade product that contains valuable substances in its composition.

The free range chickens should have plenty of an open area so it could run a lot on the ground and grass. This will significantly affect the colour of the vitellus. It is also worth stocking up on special food for the winter, which includes all the necessary vitamins.


What determines the colour of the yolk of a chicken egg?

It is quite difficult to choose a quality product nowadays. Therefore, the farm owners put a lot of effort to get a high quality product in the end. Chick vitellum can have different shades of yellow, for the following reasons: 

  • Chicken nutrition. When the diet contains a lot of carrots and greens, the vitellus colour will be predominantly orange.
  • If birds are fed with the feed, which was developed exclusively for this type of bird, then the egg will turn out to be tasty and with a beautiful centre tone. Thanks to carotene, that makes the yolk rich in colour.
  • Older chickens produce light inner cores.

For the small flock owner, vaccination is generally necessary only if in the past the birds have had disease problems in the area. If the birds are happy and healthy, the eggs are fine, especially when they are fresh.

As a rule, an egg with an orange core comes mainly from a village chicken. Particular elements give free range eggs exceptional taste. Therefore, chefs all over the world prefer to use village eggs for their dishes.

 However, the colour does not guarantee that the product will be really tasty and healthy. The vitellus can have certain "glitches". If an egg with an orange hue is influenced by carotene, then what makes vitellum turn red?

Particular attention should be paid to eggs with blood rings. This is a decay process and is therefore not recommended for consumption. Before purchasing any product, it is always a good idea to take a closer look at the producer so as not to harm your health.

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