Nasa sent Jerky into Space

How smuggling has reached space and what is grown there?

It's too costly to send things up to space so the food has specific requirements of providing balanced nutrition for astronauts whereas the storage, preparation, and consumption of it in a weightless environment has to be as easy as possible.

Therefore NASA has been sending astronauts into space with jerky since 1996. The STS-79 Space Shuttle Atlantis with 50 packages of jerky on board made its first way towards the Mir Space Station. Since then, beef jerky has been a favourite space snack and has even been “smuggled” onto a few spacecraft. The first South African private astronaut had placed a few packs of  biltong into the front pocket of his spacesuit so everyone aboard could enjoy it.

NASA has prepared menus that include dried fruit, yogurt, sausage, beef jerky, mashed potatoes, pasta and cheese, prawn cocktail. Even desserts. Most of the meals are dehydrated so the astronauts just add water. Beef jerky does not require adding water and is a ready-to-eat product. Dried meat can be stored for months but no matter how bulky the stock is it's always running out :)

Moreover, scientists and astronauts are growing fresh food in space. Project Veggie on the International Space Station has helped astronauts become farmers and grow their own lettuce and cabbage.

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