How did our Jerky get to Iran?

How did our Jerky get to Iran?

How did they get there, you may ask? A member of the Cypriot group that conquered the highest point in Asia, who wished to remain anonymous, was provided with our dried snacks and was consuming them throughout the ascent. He noted that dried meat is the most convenient and effective food for travellers, as it weighs little, and is four times more useful than stew or energy bars because the drying process preserves all the nutrients and amino acids that are contained in the fresh meat: protein (it is 35-40% here), fats (15-18%), vitamins (primarily A, B, and PP), trace elements (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc).

Convenient self-closing packaging allows you to divide the delicacy into several doses, which contributes to its complete digestion and energy generation to achieve your goal, whether it's just a picnic in nature or climbing to the top of the mountains!

Gora jerky in Iran

We are unspeakably glad that our jerky snacks have reached the mountains of distant Iran. Our dried meat crisps can be bought here in Cyprus with discounts of up to 25% if purchased online. Find out more about discounts here.

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