The 1st of June is International Day for Protection of Children

1 июня – Международный день защиты детей

Today is International Day for the Protection of Children! Of course, we have to protect our kids from all sorts of adversity but these days we have to protect them from drug abuse. Sounds weird? How about a widespread, easily accessible, and extremely harmful but totally legal substance when numerous experiments conducted by scientists in different countries confirm that sugar is a highly addictive drug, that alters brain chemical processes. 

It does not contain any trace elements, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, or enzymes necessary for a child's (and not only) organism, because sugar is an artificial product of the chemical industry. The consumption of sugar adversely affects the immune system, develops atherosclerosis and diabetes, damages the walls of blood vessels; decreases the strength of bone tissue; contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic flora, and destroys tooth enamel.

The list of sugar-related diseases can be continued, but the need to switch to natural sugars as soon as possible is obvious. It's better to develop a craving for natural taste from early childhood instead. The natural sugars found in freshly dried fruits prepared without any harmful additives will help replace sugar in the diet. Unlike refined chemical products, dried fruits are full of beneficial nutrients.

For example, magnesium and potassium contained in dried fruits are useful for the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Calcium strengthens hair, nails, and bones. Iron normalizes the processes of haematopoiesis. Dietary fibre have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach and the entire digestive tract.

Start acting right now, because it's incredibly delicious!

Taste our freshly dried fruits without the addition of artificial colours, preservatives, or other poisons.

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