How did our Jerky conquered Kazbek?

How did our Jerky conquered Kazbek?

Our Meat Crisps conquered Kazbek this year! How did they get there? Oh, the world is full of kind people, among whom there are conquerors of peaks and concurrently lovers of tasty and healthy food.

Gora.Bio Beef Jerky @ Kazbek

Conquerors-gourmets who know a lot about not only food but also drinks, who are also loyal subscribers of the most popular news portal in Cyprus "Cyprus Butterfly", captured the spacious landscapes of Caucasian nature and lifted our jerks to the very top of Kazbek :) 

Conquerors-gourmets our jerky lovers


Please follow the below links to find out more about the ascent:

If our jerky got to Kazbek then they can be easily delivered to your door. Order here


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